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Our Group In The Future            

It may seem that year by year restrictions on hunting grow, and the seasons get shorter. As hunters we know that this is necessary to ensure that populations aren’t culled out of existence. A long standing view of most hunters is that we’re trigger happy individuals who believe in quantity when it comes to acquiring our target. But the fact is, we are smart fellow Americans who remember what happened to the buffalo populations, and other species that have been nearly wiped out due to over hunting. We understand the necessity of legislation when it comes to hunting, and abide by every law set forth by the state of Iowa.

Hunting is not the sport for the impatient, it is something that will inevitably teach you patience as you can sit out in your blind for an entire day and never even spot a single place to put your crosshairs. This is why we ensure that everyone who steps through the doors understands the level of patience involved. Case in point:

One of our earlier members was in a blind, awaiting prey. He had been there for about an hour, when he felt the call of nature. So stepping out of his blind, he made to climb down. As he did, he noticed, of course, that a deer had made it’s way to his decoy. Rather than simply chalking it up to bad luck and making his way down anyway, he jumped back into the blind, and in haste, tripped over his rifle and fell out of his blind thirty feet to the groundyay-15968720-digital below. That moment of impatience cost his a properly working thigh bone, a limp for life, and a  rather than a paying job.

Though the situation taught him two things, patience, and that disability makes for great hunting experiences. It may sound roughshod, but thin about it. He doesn’t need to move much, and when he does need to be called to action, it doesn’t take a lot of physical effort. We have many members of our club who are on disability, as they can’t work regular jobs, have a lot of free time, and want to accomplish something with their lives rather than sitting at home wondering how they’re going to finish their day.

It takes all walks of life to step through the doors of our club, and whether you’re fit as a fiddle, or in our members case, stuck with a limp due to a moments lack of attention, you can find the release, the goal you need to get through your days and weeks. No matter the situation that brings you to our doors, whether a need to connect with your ancient self, or something to do with your current self while stuck on disability, you can be sure that you will be greeted warmly, and made to feel like everyone else. We all have our reasons for being here, and will find our own reasons to stay.

The Start Of The Group

As stated before, we began the Iowa Hunting Group around 30 years ago, it was started by the father generation to most of our members today, even though some of the old timers are still members. As the sport of hunting became newer, with advanced technologies, we found that some of the spirit of hunting had found itself lacking in the recent years. This we find is one of the greatest aspects of having a collective of individuals who are all passionate about the same thing. The ability to hand down hard earned information, tips and tricks gained through years of performing the same actions with minor tweaks to find out exactly what works.

We find that this brings the best possible level of information to new members, and those new to hunting in general. To learn the geography, the psychology of the prey, and even what colors to wear in certain seasons, can all be great bits of information for those new and experienced in the hunting sport. When deciding to join the Iowa Hunting Group, you will have access to all of these bits of information straight from the source by experienced hunters and those who themselves are going through stages of trial and error.

We have members from all walks of life, and those that may surprise. Whether your grizzled hunting veteran, or day traders who look to connect with their old primitive selves. Members who are straight out of college, and even those who are on Social Security Disability. When it comes to bring able to take advantage of all that mother nature offers you, and to find the patience within you to get out there, and put your wits against those not wishing to be on the receiving end of a hunting rifle, you can find that no matter where you come from, or where you’re going, that you have it within you to tap into that calm and peaceful state of mind, and enjoy the experience as you’re in it.

These are the foundations that all of our members share, and the collective common interest that brings us all through the doors to the club. No matter where you started, or your reasons for getting into the hunting sport, you can be sure that we will provide you a safe haven in which to pursue that passion, and share it with others who are in the same state as you. When it comes to our clubs operations, we have few but strict rules on behaviour and respect, and the rest is to benefit you, the hunter. To bring you closer to that feeling of satisfaction you seek when your work and wit is put to the test, and you come out on top.

To us, there is no better feeling in the world than a successful, and proper kill. To provide our families with sustenance, to gain that trophy in the form of skin or mount, and to know that we managed to overcome ourselves, and our opponent, and come out on top.

The Thrill Of The Hunt

At the Iowa Hunting Club we have continually seen the same story, individuals phoning into, or dropping by our club wondering exactly what it is that a hunting club does. Rather than formulate an entire webpage concerning the ins and outs of our hunting club, we instead decided to present out information in the form of a blog to better have a conversation with those who may have questions about our organization.

Firstly, we are not simply a group of people who get together, shine up our guns and go out and kill things. Our group is a collection of people who love every aspect of hunting, and though of course this does typically end with the same result, we find that it’s much more about the journey than the destination. We are a group of avid hunters who love every aspect of the sport, and even it’s legislations. We don’t hunt out of season, and we don’t put all our primary focus on the best kills. We spend a lot of time talking shop about various tools, guns, strategies, locations, and sharing the secrets that some of our more experienced hunters use with some of our more inexperienced ones.

We see ourselves as a group like any other, who truly enjoy what they’re passionate about, and like to share that lifestyle with other likeminded people. No different than fishermen, sports enthusiasts, or otherwise. Our group has been in operation for over 30 years in the Iowa area, and loves to both add new members, and to ensure that it’s a pleasant place for them to choose to spend their time. We have various events and outings, and many of our members choose to spend their hunting time in each others company to ease some of what can at times be a little boring sport choice.

We began this club with the intention of gathering like-minded individuals to share tips and tricks with, to share our stories, and to hear from others. We do not tolerate any disrespect between members, and we do not condone those who simply hunt to kill. In order to maintain your membership with our club, you need to adhere to the laws and regulations set forth over local hunting, and to represent the club in the best light possible. We are open to any and all legally licensed hunters in the state, and look forward to hearing from you.

Through this blog leading up potentially to your first visit, you will find some stories, some tips, and other helpful information that you may be seeking when it comes to the world of hunting. We bring this all to you free of charge, to give you the ability to make your own decision as to whether or not this club is the right choice for you. We look forward to hearing feedback from you, and potentially having you join our little family of avid hunters. We thank you for taking the time to stop by and check us out.